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Our reports explore global technology trends and how they will impact the ANZ market. They include market reviews and forecasts, deep-dives and topical ‘flash’ reports that keep you up to speed with market
developments. Reports published recently include:

  • Machine Learning connecting the dots
  • Blockchain in telecom
  • The growth of insurtech
  • NBN market update
  • The NZ advertising market outlook
  • Wind Farms - Adding wind to Australia's energy sails
  • Small Cells Part 1: Leveraging Public Infrastructure
  • Game of Genomes - decoding the future of healthcare
  • The influence of bots on fake news
  • Disruptive mobile business models - Is TPG going to be 'Free'?
  • Facebook's data breach - an inflection point for internet privacy
  • IoT and Cryptocurrency mining
  • NZ telco market outlook
  • Online retail gathers momentum in Australia
  • Ok Google: The rise of Voice Assistants in Australia
  • Top Australian Healthcare Tech trends to watch in 2018
  • Australia Out-of-Home market outlook
  • Green Hydrogen - Opportunity or hype
  • Amazon Advertising: Sleeping Giant
  • You will receive 3-4 reports every month, delivered direct to your mailbox. You can also access our full archive of over 175 ANZ reports.
You will receive 3-4 reports every month, delivered direct to your mailbox. You can also access our full archive of over 175 ANZ reports.


Our proprietary market forecasts updated every six months that explore how disruption will impact the media, telco, finance, energy and health markets across Australia and NZ:

  • Ten-year Australia and NZ forecast revenues
  • Breakdowns by product
  • Market shares
  • Scenarios based on new entrants


Our monthly surveys give you up to the moment proprietary data covering consumer trends,
attitudes and consumption habits. E.g.:

  • How many Australians have used peer to peer lenders? Or would use a neo-bank?
  • What is the likelihood of households giving up fixed internet? And why?
  • How many people subscribe to Amazon Prime? Or Stan?
  • How is Google changing the diagnosis process?



Our newsletter keeps you up to date on what is happening in the Australian and New Zealand tech world, including the latest deals and announcements. We round up all the research, surveys and forecasts that we have published and summarise it for you in one place:

  • Latest news and trends
  • Updates on deals
  • Provocative chart of the week to get you thinking
  • All our research summarised
  • Key take outs

Our Coverage


All companies are impacted by the evolution of digital technology and the changes in consumer behaviour that it enables. The digital sector is characterised by high growth, a very fast pace of change, constant
innovation and increasing complexity.


The pace of change in the media industry has reached unprecedented levels. Long established companies face critical challenges, whilst digital challengers are disrupting incumbents and attracting sky high valuations.


The wireless data revolution that is transforming the telco sector
requires ambitious companies to invest in access infrastructure, as demand continues to explode.


As the energy sector transitions from fossil fuels to renewables, technology is driving changes in generation, distribution, storage and
consumption. We track the challengers, the impact on incumbents and the policy debate.


Technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, wearables and apps, coupled with genomics and the personalisation of health, are transforming the consumption, provision and management of healthcare. This healthtech revolution is being driven by consumers and healthcare providers alike.


Fintechs are transforming the financial services market. Established players are responding through a mix of investment and innovation. Our
reports cover areas such as lending, neo-banks, payments, robo-advice,
insurtech and blockchain.

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