Report Overview

Australian Data Centres Outlook: Cloud migration to drive hyperscale growth


Executive summary

Customer segments

Revenue by players

Revenue by segment

Supply volume by player

Supply volume by geography

Pricing and supply volume by segment

New builds and government funding

Growth in data centre market

Data Centre Trends – Edge Computing


Figures and Tables

Fig. 1: Outsourced data centre revenues by segment (%)

Fig. 2: Outsourced data centre revenue share by player (%)

Figure 3: Data centre revenue by segment ($m)

Figure 4: Supply volume by player (%)

Figure 5: Supply volume by geography (%)

Figure 6: Supply volume by geography, end FY22 estimate (MW)

Figure 7: Supply volume by segment (%)

Figure 8: Pricing by segment ($m/MW)

Figure 9: Conventional cloud vs edge computing comparison