Report Overview

Awaiting more mobility UK mobile market in Q2 2021


Executive summary: awaiting more mobility

Market and competitive trends


Figures and Tables

Reported mobile service revenue growth

UK MNO mobile market net adds (000s)

Reported mobile service revenue growth by operator

Reported total mobile revenue growth by operator

BT/EE total revenue and service revenue growth

Virgin Media O2 total revenue and service revenue growth

Vodafone total revenue and service revenue growth

H3G total revenue and service revenue growth

UK mobility by month vs baseline mobility in January 2020

Flights to, from and within the UK, 2021 vs prior years

Contract net additions (000s)

Virgin Media O2 contract net adds breakdown

Annualised contract churn

Timeline of COVID-related lockdowns

Contract ARPU growth

Blended ARPU growth

SIM-only share of contract subscriptions

MNO price increases in 2021

Inflation-linked price increases, 2020-2021

‘Sweet spot’ bundle with iPhone 6s/7/8/XR/11/12

SIM-only pricing by data allowance (GB)—November 2020

SIM-only pricing by data allowance (GB)—August 2021

12-month, SIM-only unlimited data bundle pricing (£/month)

18-24-month, SIM-only unlimited data pricing (£/month)

EBITDA margin, last 12 months

EBITDA growth, last six months

EBITDA, last six months (£m)

Cashflow, last six months (£m)

Capex, last 6 months (£m)

Cashflow (EBITDA-capex) margin, last 12 months (£m)

Monthly fair usage limits on EU roaming

Cost of roaming passes at EE and Vodafone (£)

Monthly cost of iPhone 12 + unlimited data by contract length (£)

UK underlying service revenue vs GDP growth

Spectrum holding by operator (MHz)

Operator shares of capacity

Cost of spectrum at actual price paid, reserve price, and historic market prices (£m)

Spectrum acquired and prices paid by operators

Spectrum allocation in the 3.4-3.8 GHz band

Estimated 5G coverage by operator

4G (dotted line) versus estimated 5G (dots) coverage by operator

Selected OpenRAN trials and commitments

UK mobile networks and infrastructure

ROCE using spectrum at current value and market shares

UK mobile coverage (% of landmass)

IFRS 15 effect of indirect and direct mobile contract distribution

UK zero-rated data offers

Select previous MNO price increases

Mobile network operator spectrum ownership (both up and down MHz)