Report Overview

Back to growth: UK broadband, telephony and pay TV trends Q2 2021


Executive summary: Back to growth

Market trends and outlook


Figures and Tables

Market net additions

RGU and subscriber growth

RGU ARPU, volume and revenue growth

Subscriber ARPU, volume, and revenue growth

Average subscriber growth by operator

Consumer revenue growth by operator

Subscriber ARPU growth

Broadband entry level pricing, new customers (£/month)

Broadband superfast pricing, new customers (£/month)

Contract status of customers by provider, September 2019

Proportion of revenue at risk if OOC customers switched to …

Existing customer pricing changes

Openreach full fibre adoption where available

BT Consumer ultrafast (>100Mbps) adoption where available

Broadband organic net adds (000)

Broadband organic subscriber growth

High speed net adds (000)

High speed penetration of broadband bases

Line rental net additions (000)

Line rental subscriber growth

Pay TV net additions (000)

Pay TV subscriber growth

Broadband subscribers and net adds

Consumer revenue and revenue growth

Unlimited entry level broadband, in/out-of-contract pricing

September 2019 pricing differential figures (£/month)

November 2018 pricing differential figures (£/month)

Openreach wholesale pricing (£/month, excluding VAT)

Ofcom’s copper and full fibre new regulation summary

Average RGU growth by operator

RGU ARPU growth by operator

Broadband net adds (000)

Broadband subscriber growth

Broadband complaints per 100,000 customers

Unlimited broadband dual-play, new customer pricing (£/month)

Pricing outside the ‘top four’ (£/month), lowest price available

Ultrafast offers and pricing by provider, £ per month

Ultrafast broadband pricing by provider

2021 price rises

2020 price rises

2019 price rises

2018 price rises

2017 price rises