Can’t spell Media without AI – AI in Media and Video Consumption

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Can’t spell Media without AI – AI in Media and Video Consumption

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Can’t spell Media without AI – AI in Media and Video Consumption
Australians love their video content, but as the infamously high piracy of Game of Thrones has gone to show, we don’t like to pay ridiculous amounts for our weekly fix. New entrants in the video market have heeded the call for more affordable content in Australia with the launch of multiple SVOD services in recent years, including the recent announcement of the Disney+ November 2019 launch in Australia. However, overall market growth has been – and will continue to be – relatively stagnant as SVOD replaces incumbent video entertainment platforms.


Key Takeaways


Video entertainment is shifting to on-demand platforms

AI is pervasive through the content lifecycle

AI can improve engagement with viewers at a lower cost by…

  • … automating content filtering to improve regulatory compliance…
  • …improving the quality of your distributed content with smarter systems…
  • … reducing search times through audio-visual content and archives…
  • …augmenting visualisations over live broadcasts and streams…
  • …enabling smarter, more timely ad placements that maximise reach…
  • …and providing personalisation beyond the internet with targeted offline media

Risks and Challenges of adopting AI in Media Consumption

Implications for Australia and New Zealand

So what?

List of charts/tables

Figure 1. Australian Video revenues by platform

Figure 2. The Content Lifecycle

Figure 3. Frame from a “Chef’s Table” episode at a ~250 kbps connection currently (top) and with Dynamic Optimiser (bottom)

Figure 4. Example of AI used to augment live broadcasting of sport

Figure 5. Ocean Outdoor ran a campaign in 2016 using real-time car recognition tech outside London’s Westfield