Report Overview

COVID-19 telecoms impact in the UK – Resilience in the short term, but maintaining may be challenging

Demand for telecoms capacity is booming, and the networks can (broadly) cope, with the increase primarily in off-peak demand. However, as the crisis continues, maintaining resilience becomes more challenging
In the short term, the demand for ample, reliable connectivity coupled with reduced churn will add resilience to operator financials, although there may be significant weak spots especially in business markets
However, as the crisis goes on, the pressure on capacity and network maintenance may grow, and the impact of the dramatic economic slowdown on consumers and businesses will also put pressure on financials


Network resilience is key

Financials impact mixed in the short term…

…but longer term will likely be negative

List of charts/tables

Figure 1: Peak time capacity usage by activity

Figure 2: Streaming video service issue reports 2020 to date

Figure 3: Broadband service issue reports 2020 to date

Figure 4: Smartphone-only households (%)

Figure 5: Anecdotal evidence of changes in data traffic

Figure 6: Timeline of UK mobile capacity

Figure 7: Mobile service issue reports 2020 to date

Figure 8: Network outages reported to Ofcom by month

Figure 9: Service availability by type, 2018/19

Figure 10: Offers to customers

Figure 11: UK underlying mobile service revenue vs GDP growth