Decarbonising Work

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Decarbonising Work

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Decarbonising Work


Decarbonising work to combat climate change

Meeting net zero by 2050 is a huge challenge for the UK

Reaching net zero requires all businesses to contribute

Climate change risks to investors

All businesses should engage in audit

TMT businesses and net zero

Sky, BT and Google best practices

Sky with no limits
BTs towering ambition
Googles push to renewables

Building out telco networks will support WFH

Existing infrastructure initiatives will aid a more permanent transition

Appendix: Flowchart for reporting under SECR

Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Scope 1, 2, 3 Emissions and Sources

Figure 2: UK TMT carbon intensity ratio, Scopes 1+2 (tCO2e)/revenue (£m)

Figure 3: Carbon footprint per hour of programming by genre, 2019 (tCO2e/hr)

Figure 4: Sky plc's carbon emissions by scope (%)

Figure 5: BT GHG emissions, 2018-2020 (tCO2e)

Figure 6: Corporate renewable energy purchased globally as of January 2020 (GW)

Figure 7: Variations in MNO data traffic distribution in London