Disney gets the final piece of Hulu

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Disney gets the final piece of Hulu

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Disney gets the final piece of Hulu
Disney announced that it would acquire Comcast’s 33% share of Hulu in a put/call agreement that can be enacted by either party from January 2024, while taking full operational control of the vehicle immediately
Under the agreement Disney will pay Comcast a minimum of $9 billion for its current stake, provided Comcast fulfils agreed capital calls, which going forward would be just over $500 million/year 
Disney secured the continued licensing of NBCUniversal content for Hulu, contributing about 30% of Hulu’s library, but Comcast can loosen obligations to Hulu for the launch of its own SVOD service in 2020


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Figure 1. Expected operating losses ($m)

Figure 2. Estimated hours of content on Hulu (SVOD), by partner, July 2018