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Epic v Apple: A must-watch moment for tech antitrust


Awaiting a decision: Epic v Apple antitrust case

The whole platform business model is at issue

The harm of the Apple Tax

The judgement will depend on laws and precedents from another era

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Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Fortnite‘s Mega Drop via Epic direct payment on iOS

Figure 2: Intermediation, not disintermediation, is the platform model

Figure 3: Apple revenue by segment ($bn)

Figure 4: iQiyi (left) and Youku (right) online video WeChat mini apps

Figure 5: App Store billings by customer monthly spending tier, Q2 FY2017

Figure 6: Fortnite global time played and revenue by device, March 2018-July 2020

Figure 7: Spotify steering iPhone customers in July 2015* and Netflix’s cryptic messaging today