Report Overview

Future of the Australian radio industry



Executive Summary

The industry trajectory of the Australian radio industry

New dynamics of the audio industry

Radio industry response

Spectrum and technology in radio’s broadcast future

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Tables and Figures

Figure 1. Broadcast services bands terrestrial analogue radio delivery snapshot, 2019

Figure 2. Main Australian national and commercial radio groups

Figure 3. Commercial radio advertising revenue performance (A$b)

Figure 4. Monthly reach of main audio services, 18+ years of age

Figure 5. How many devices are actually used in your home/vehicles to listen to audio? (18+ years of age)

Figure 6. Use of audio services during main activities (18+ years of age)

Figure 7. RadioApp monthly streams (000s)

Figure 8. How long ago did you start listening to online radio apps?

Figure 9. Proposed 600MHz spectrum reallocation