Google and game streaming: double or quits

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Google and game streaming: double or quits

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Google and game streaming: double or quits
Google’s Stadia promises the most credible game streaming service yet, but building a subscription bundle of top titles would require an all-out bet in the sector
Google is building its own game studios – to win over others it must overcome a troubled history in gaming, mitigating risks to developer business models and creative integrity
Games are much more technically demanding to stream than video, presenting an advantage to Google, Microsoft and Amazon – and a boost to telecoms network demand, welcomed by operators


Google, developers and the game streaming model

  • Overcoming Google’s troubled history in games
  • Will streaming mean subscriptions?
  • Google’s move into producing games
  • Creative disruption and YouTube as a discovery channel

Google’s competitive position

Will technology be the downfall (again)?

  • Is there enough bandwidth?
  • The need for speed

List of charts/tables

Figure 1. Google Stadia controller

Figure 2. ≥30Mbps broadband hh coverage & adoption by country (%), 2017

Figure 3. Average mobile download speeds by country (Mbps), January 2019

Figure 4. Google Global Cache End nodes in the UK’s vicinity

Figure 5. Total system input latency (including display lag)*, ms

Figure 6. Typical telecoms access technology latency (ms)