Imperative to improve self-service customer experience channels

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Imperative to improve self-service customer experience channels

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Imperative to improve self-service customer experience channels
Venture recently undertook a one-month CX benchmarking study across 10 ANZ operators, analysing three CX channels (IVRs, Web and social):
  • Leading ANZ telcos have surprisingly poor IVRs – e.g. 100+ options with near-zero self-containment in poorly structured trees. In comparison, global best practice offer higher self-containment, visual IVR, and well-executed NLP
  • Their websites are in better shape. But some market leaders are still grappling with decade-old challenges such as high page load time and poor browser compatibility. In the meanwhile, global peers offer clean, minimalist websites with <7 clicks for purchase, customer reviews, and auto live chat for idle pages.
  • Social media channels remain under-utilized in terms of their potential to influence sales and brand, and can improve even on basic responsiveness to Messenger and comments


Executive summary

Over the past quarter, we have built up a detailed picture of the IVR, website and social media performance of ten ANZ telcos for key Sales and Service transactions

Our findings suggest there is a lot of room for improvement on both website and IVR design for ANZ operators

Major operators have extremely complex IVRs - customers need to navigate through multi-layered options that are not structured intuitively …

… and often do not result in problem resolution

Major operators had very long purchase journeys, and in some cases, unhelpful FAQs/ self-help sections

All operators can look to drive more value from a more active presence on social media

The good news is that there are short term quick fixes to elevate CX, while more medium-term measures are put in place to set operators up for a post-coronavirus “new normal”