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INDUSTRY BRIEF: SBS gambling opt-out sets a standard

SBS gambling opt-out sets a standard

TLDR version: The SBS held its Upfront 2024 event this week, previewing initiatives for next year. Apart from new announcements about its content slate and ESG commitments, SBS also announced a slew of initiatives to accelerate the growth of online media delivery, with a strong focus on improving audience experience. Specifically, SBS will:

  • move its 60+ language shows to an on-demand/podcast led model.
  • provide greater personalisation options for SBS On Demand.
  • add a new opt-out feature on SBS On Demand for advertising categories of wagering, alcoholic beverages, & quick service restaurants (QSR), from Q1 of 2024.

The latter is significant in the context of a looming regulatory crackdown on gambling advertising.

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