Report Overview

Into the wild: Facebook prepares for a world without trackers


Facebook’s plague year bonanza

Facebook’s growth engine: users, usage and prices

Ad prices

Data matching

Data threats

How Facebook is responding

Bring transactions on-site: Facebook Shops
Taking the PR fight to Apple
Making the case for high-funnel marketing

Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Facebook revenue by quarter ($m) and YoY growth (%)

Figure 2: YoY change in Facebook’s ad metrics (%)

Figure 3: Facebook 15+ penetration by region, Q4 2020 (m people)

Figure 4: Share of time online by property, January 2021, US

Figure 5: Tracking off-platform conversions on Facebook Ads Manager

Figure 6: Attribution options on Facebook Ads Manager

Figure 7: How pixel tracking works

Figure 8: Sites with highest third-party presence in top million Alexa websites

Figure 9: Example iOS14 tracking consent dialogue

Figure 10: Product in Shops, Instagram UK

Figure 11: Apple’s first-party ads in App Store search

Figure 12: Share of UK ad spend, brand vs direct response formats