Report Overview

Last dip? European mobile in Q1 2021


Reported and underlying revenue growth

Country analysis


Figures and Tables

Reported mobile revenue growth—top 5 European markets*

Service revenue growth by market

Service revenue growth by operator group

Parent company performance relative to 2020 guidance and guidance for 2021

Mobile service revenue growth versus peers

Contract net adds in top 4 European markets

German converged customer net adds (000)

T-Mobile versus Vodafone contract ARPU growth

Timeline of COVID-related lockdowns

Europe ‘top 5’ GDP vs service revenue growth

Potential drag from out-of-contract customers spinning down

5G availability by country (% of time on 5G)

5G reach (0-10 score based on number of locations)

2019 versus 2021 capex

Recent tower deals in Europe

Vodafone forecast use of cash (€m, LHA) and Net Debt to EBITDA (RHA)

Selected OpenRAN trials and commitments

Approaches to Huawei across Europe

UK Service revenue growth

UK Contract net additions (000)

UK Service revenue growth by operator

France Service revenue growth

France Contract net additions (000)

France Service revenue growth by operator

Germany Service revenue growth

Germany Contract net additions (000)

Germany Service revenue growth by operator

Italy Service revenue growth

Italy Contract net additions (000)

Italy Service revenue growth by operator

Spain Service revenue growth

Spain Contract net additions (000)

Spain Service revenue growth by operator

IFRS 15 effect of indirect and direct mobile contract distribution

Regulatory impact—top 5 European markets

European MTR rates (Euro cents)

Regulatory impact by market

Service revenue and service revenue growth

European MNO consolidation timeline