Report Overview

New perfect storm for print news: Newsprint and energy inflation


Executive summary: a new industry challenge holds the front page

UK publisher-printers

Newsprint supply pressures

Strategic responses to the crisis


Tables and Figures

UK circulation growth YoY 2015-2021 (%)

UK print advertising growth YoY 2015-2021 (%)

Location of UK press printing sites

Indicative newspaper outsourcing

Pre-pandemic publisher gross profit margins in 2019 (%)

Reach plc cost base 2019

UK consumption of newsprint volume and YoY change in demand (t/%)

Prices of news and pams waste paper, indexed to 2015 (2015=1)

UK newsprint imports, trade value and weight, 2015-2021 (£/t)

UK newsprint imports and exports, average price, 2011-2021 (£/t)

Average price increase per raw material type versus May 2020

GB Weekly wholesale average electricity (£/MWh) and gas price (p/Therm)

Estimated electricity costs for Reach Plc & The Guardian (£000)

Price elasticities by newspaper category over time (2010-2018)

Price elasticity of Sunday title events

Mobility across Greater London October 2021 vs baseline (%)

Domestic mill prices (all grades) 2015-2021 (1= January 2015)