New Zealand Consumer Broadband Behaviour Survey – Round 2

Report Overview

New Zealand Consumer Broadband Behaviour Survey – Round 2

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New Zealand Consumer Broadband Behaviour Survey – Round 2
The purpose of this survey (completed 28th October 2020) was to compare the results with the results of the similar April survey, and understand the change in consumers’ response to COVID-19 over time in a range of areas including broadband usage, work from home, video conferencing, online shopping and telehealth. The comparison with the results with our April 2020 survey provides insights on consumer behaviour pre-COVID, during COVID and now. The survey was conducted nationally across New Zealand for 1,016 respondents, all with a broadband connection, and with a representative survey sample across demographic and regional groupings. The demographics have been discussed in detail in the last section of the report.


Key Takeaways

Section 1: Broadband and internet usage

Section 2: Work from home

Section 3: Telehealth

Section 4: Online Shopping

Section 5: Home Internet Setup

Section 6: Increased broadband usage

Section 7: General demographics



Figure 1. Who is your broadband provider?

Figure 2. Which is the main way that your household connects to the internet?

Figure 3. What is the monthly data allowance on your primary household broadband connection?

Figure 4. Prior to COVID-19 (before 1 March) were you in full time or part time employment?

Figure 5. Prior to COVID-19 (before 1 March) did you work from home?

Figure 6. Work from home after COVID-19 started (April vs October 2020)

Figure 7. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

Figure 8. Do you agree or disagree with the statement “The experience of working from home has positively changed the way my company thinks about managing work/office flexibility”?

Figure 9. What will be your preference in terms of work from home in future?

Figure 10. Did you or your household members access online telehealth services (e.g.: online GP consultation or online prescriptions) from home? Figure 11. What were your reasons for previously not accessing telehealth services? Figure 12. Do you anticipate using more online telehealth services in the future? Figure 13. Did you or your household members use online shopping? Figure 14. In the future (after COVID-19), do you anticipate using more online shopping? Figure 15. Since COVID-19 (from 1 March), tick all of the areas where you or your household members have improved the home internet setup Figure 16. Broadband upgrade/change Figure 17. Reasons for broadband not being adequate (Apr-20 survey), or to (or plan to) upgrade (Oct-20 survey) Figure 18. Willingness to cancel/downgrade/disconnect broadband Figure 19. Why do you plan to downgrade or disconnect your broadband service? Figure 20. Video conferencing (e.g.: using Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams etc.) for work Figure 21. Since the COVID-19 crisis, have you encountered problems with your home setup, devices or Wi-Fi? Figure 22. On a scale of 1 (not important) – 5 (very important), importance of broadband access and internet services Figure 23. Where do you live? Figure 24. Which of these best describes the type of area you live in? Figure 25. What type of household or dwelling do you currently live in? Figure 26. Do you live in an owner occupied or rented household? Figure 27. Do you run your business from home?