Peacock: the future of ad-supported TV brands?

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Peacock: the future of ad-supported TV brands?

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Peacock: the future of ad-supported TV brands?
Comcast’s new, on-demand service, launching in April, is an attempt to break NBCU’s unsustainable dependence on sales to Netflix and other SVODs. Peacock provides a path of digital transition for advertising-funded TV with a revamped low-load, high cost-per-thousand model
Reach will be built with a free online tier and distribution to Comcast subscribers. Peacock seeks carriage from other pay-TV operators, with which reciprocal deals would make sense (i.e. HBO Max on Comcast alongside Peacock on AT&T’s platforms)
In Europe, where Comcast has no existing major free-TV offering to transition, launching Peacock will be challenging but could present Sky with ideas to counterweigh Netflix on its own service


A revamped ‘advertising experience’

Mixing pay-TV and direct-to-consumer distribution

Difficult financial assessment

Uncertain international deployment

How Sky could accommodate Peacock

Final thoughts

List of charts/tables

Figure 1: Adults 18-49 rating for NBC shows

Figure 2: Nominations for major Emmy Awards by channel group

Figure 3: Maximum advertising loads by platform, per hour (min)

Figure 4: NBCUniversal TV programmes† in the United Kingdom

Figure 5: NBCUniversal EU5 content distribution and carriage