Report Overview

Privacy and publishers: Pressure from GDPR and big tech


Executive summary: the return of privacy

Why publishers have been wedded to cookies

Premium, logged-in or large scale audiences: how not to be left in the cold

The more people learn about how online advertising works, the less they like it

GDPR fine for IAB Europe―more complaints to follow

IAB Europe’s consent mechanism is under fire

Lack of consent may be ignored by bad actors

IAB Europe was found to be at fault in six main areas

Consent has not been properly collected, while legitimate interest may not apply to RTB at all

Examples of poor design abound in the status quo

Secure Privacy CMP–an example of better practice

Google has bowed to the EU on its consent banners, with more pressure on Big Tech to come

Big Tech can have a bigger impact than laws (in the short term)

Apple is targeting every bit of cross-site tracking

Google is following suit, on a delayed timeline

Google has begun testing Topics for interest-based targeting

Google’s six-year commitment to the CMA

Publishers should treat privacy as a core part of user experience

Follow a reader-first revenue strategy

Ensure you can meet the basic requirements for brand advertisers

Find ways to serve direct-response advertisers without cross-site tracking

It’s best to treat data clean rooms as one tool, not a panacea



Figures and Tables

Estimated number of online advertisers (m)

Online publisher and advertising models

How would you feel if a brand interacted with you? UK, 2020

Actions taken in past year to protect personal data (selected actions)

Largest ten GDPR fines by year (€m)

Real-time bidding data flows

How bad actors can ignore opt-out signals sent by a CMP

TCF’s type of purposes and legal bases

GDPR basics: publishers primarily use consent and legitimate interest

Cookie consent forms on the Bury Times and Buzzfeed websites

Security Privacy’s cookie consent form and button to withdraw consent

YouTube’s European consent pop-up: before and after

Percentage of users that enable third-party cookies, by browser (%)

Apple’s Major Privacy Change

Timeline to phase out Chrome cookies―January 2020 vs July 2021 vs April 2022

How Google Topics delivers interest-based ads

Alphabet’s online advertising footprint in the UK

Consent banners on the Buzzfeed and Mirror home pages

The Times  revenues and operating profit, 2010-2021 (£000)

Data clean room providers and customers