Report Overview

Radio: Protecting the core public value


Executive summary

Radio: trends, trials and innovation

Radio in the context of the wider audio market

Tables and Figures

All radio weekly reach by age, 2016-Q3 2021 (%)

All radio weekly hours by age, 2016-2021 indexed to 100

Digital platforms’ share of all radio listening, 2017-21 (%)

Weekday reach of all radio, individuals 15+ (m)

Reach of live radio not on a radio, Q1 2020 vs Q3 2021

Weekly listening hours of major players, Q3 2015-2021 (m hours)

BBC and commercial radio audience by age, Q3 2021

Stations with weekly reach above 5 million, Q3 2021 (m)

Bauer timeline 2019 to 2021

Station share of hours by demo, Q3 2015 and Q3 2021 (%)

BBC Sounds and online performance, Q4 2019-Q3 2021 (m, %)

Commercial radio weekly listening hours, by platform, 2015-21

National digital commercial services weekly audience, Q3 2021

Weekly reach of new or recently launched stations (000s, %)

Weekly reach and hours per listener for selected speech radio stations, Q3 2021

Audio listening by type, 2016, 2018 and 2020

Weekly reach of audio type, 2020 (%)

Weekly reach in 2021 (%) and change since 2020 pre-lockdown (+/- ppts)

Share of listening in 2021 (%) and change from 2020 pre-lockdown (+/- ppts)

Proportion of households that have a smart speaker (2018-2021)

Use of voice-assistants on speakers, UK, 2021 (% of users)