Roku: OTT pioneer under threat

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Roku: OTT pioneer under threat

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Roku: OTT pioneer under threat
With c.22m accounts across 44m devices, Roku has a US footprint that exceeds the largest pay-TV platforms.
Limited competitive advantages highlights the scale of this achievement, but also leave the pioneering firm vulnerable to activities from bigger, wealthier rivals Apple, Amazon, and Google as well as pay-TV providers.
The odds are stacked against Roku, but continuing the innovation in production and product that built its lead may secure future success.


Financials and KPIs

  • The business model

Accounts – growing the user base

  • The current market
  • What drove Roku’s take-up?
    • An early entrance
    • Good relationships
    • A superior user interface
    • A purpose-built OS
  • Early advantages over rival OTT platforms are being eroded
  • Pay-TV trends are affecting Roku’s addressable market

The User Monetisation business

  • The Roku Channel

Possibility of European expansion

Final thoughts

List of charts/tables

Figure 1. Roku financials ($m)

Figure 2. Roku operating KPIs, global

Figure 3. Devices in use by streaming TV platform, US (millions)

Figure 4. Users of major OTT streaming STBs/sticks, US (millions)

Figure 5. Device prices and launches, Roku vs rivals

Figure 6. Connected TV SOV by platform (%)

Figure 7. Consumer Electronics sales by selected retailers ($bn)

Figure 8. No pay-TV and “skinny bundle” households (000s)

Figure 9. Roku ad-revenues, US ($m)

Figure 10. The Roku home page (left) and The Roku Channel (right)

Figure 11. Average daily viewing via Roku devices, global (hours/account)