Sky v.2.0: Aggregation, originals and fibre

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Sky v.2.0: Aggregation, originals and fibre

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Sky v.2.0: Aggregation, originals and fibre



The big picture: leveraging consumer trust for the pivot to aggregation

The post-pandemic rebound

UK pay-TV: still the group’s engine

The emphasis shift from sports to originals

NOW and Sky Q on fibre

 Telecoms: solid foundations in a challenged market

 Turnaround in Continental Europe


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Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Sky, household entertainment gatekeeper Figure 2: UK retail revenue, 2020 (£bn) Figure 3: The aggregation model Figure 4: Integration on Sky Q Figure 5: The Virtuous Cycle of Aggregation Figure 6: Headline financials ($m) Figure 7: Sky retail customer quarterly net adds (000) Figure 8: Sky UK & Ireland revenues and satellite/NOW subscribers, financial years Figure 9: Estimated breakdown of UK pay-TV revenues, 2020 Figure 10: Estimate for Sky’s spend on sport as a % of total content spend* Figure 11: Estimated number of UK households subscribing to Sky Cinema (m) Figure 12: Sky customers, 2020 (m) Figure 13: Broadband subscriber shares Figure 14: High speed penetration of broadband bases Figure 15: Broadband customer complaints to Ofcom per 100,000 customers Figure 16: Broadband entry level dual-play pricing, new customers (£/month) Figure 17: Broadband superfast (>30Mbps) pricing, new customers (£/month) Figure 18: Consumer revenue growth by operator Figure 19: Sky Mobile subscriber base (m) Figure 20: Gigabit-capable premises covered (m) Figure 21: Speed requirements for online use cases Figure 22: Telecoms retail service revenue, 2020 (£bn) Figure 23: Sky vs commercial broadcasters in Germany and Italy, estimated 2020 revenues (€bn) Figure 24: Shrinking Continental football costs (€m)* Figure 25: Sky and Europe