Report Overview

STV: Pulling the levers for growth

  • STV now has a clear pathway to reduce its reliance on linear advertising by investing in production, while pushing the transition to digital forward with a UK-wide footprint
  • To that end, STV Player has some momentum and recent production company acquisitions, increasing external commissions and PSB Out of London quotas should ensure STV Studios returns to growth in 2021
  • Such development is imperative: COVID-19 has accelerated structural change in viewing habits meaning now that content must not only be great, but available widely and immersed in a smooth user experience just to have a chance



Maximising broadcast with enhanced viewer and business engagement

STV for Everyone: catching up in digital integral to growth

Production: Stepping up producer-broadcaster ambitions

Impact of COVID-19

Looking forward: well-positioned in the face of structural headwinds


List of charts/tables

Figure 1: STV revenues, 2020 H1, 2019 v. 2017 (£m)

Figure 2:STV adjusted costs, EBITDA, and other financials, 2019 v. 2017 (£m)

Figure 3: STV Studios timeline (calendar year)