(UK) TalkTalk: Mixed results, future opaque

Report Overview

(UK) TalkTalk: Mixed results, future opaque

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(UK) TalkTalk: Mixed results, future opaque


Subscriber base momentum not encouraging

ARPU and revenue decline improves...a bit

Pricing pressured going forwards…but full fibre will help

Full fibre critical to financial outlook

EBITDA drops, outlook challenging

Going private may help

Figures and Tables

TalkTalk ARPU, subscriber, and revenue growth
TalkTalk on-net net adds (000)
 TalkTalk monthly on-net churn
Consumer on-net operating performance
TalkTalk ‘boost’ and ancillary product price increases
TalkTalk entry-level and high-speed broadband pricing (£/month)
Broadband entry level pricing, new customers (£/month)
Broadband high speed pricing, new customers (£/month)
Group revenue growth
 TalkTalk retail pricing (£/month)
TalkTalk Group financial results (£m)
Incremental gross profit by product (£/month)