Report Overview

The ‘enterprise metaverse’: Meta and Microsoft lead the field


Enterprise: the first major metaverse use-case

Strong enterprise adoption will be crucial for the consumer metaverse

Long-term hybrid work driving demand for the enterprise metaverse

Productivity and collaboration up next for an overhaul

Quest 2 is cheaper than an iPhone, a crucial watershed

Meta and Microsoft quietly collaborate, but for how long?

Enterprises approach to avatars is softening

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List of Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Microsoft Mesh for Teams grid

Figure 2: Minecraft: Education Edition

Figure 3: Zuckerberg subtly announces McDonald’s as a Meta enterprise customer

Figure 4: VR headset pricing, 2011-2021

Figure 5: Meta Quest 2 headset

Figure 6: Unreal Engine’s Metahuman Creator

Figure 7: Meta’s Avatars Store