TV advertising: Evolving the model

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TV advertising: Evolving the model

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TV advertising: Evolving the model


Executive Summary

Key Findings

Conclusions and recommendations

1. The current TV advertising ecosystem: strengths, weaknesses and threats

Strong symbiotic relationship between brands and broadcasters

The TV advertising model is showing signs of wear and tear

The television ecosystem is under threat as structural changes take root

2. Potential impact on TV advertising revenues

3. Evolving the TV advertising ecosystem

The advertiser-agency relationship should rebase to drive business outcomes

Cross-media measurement systems will likely reinforce TV’s effectiveness

Deal structures should cover all revenues, with the majority based on volume

Pricing and currency: moving to the optimal solution

4.  Summary of recommendations


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Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Summary of recommendations, actions and timing

Figure 2: Channel 4 content costs and total advertising revenues (£m) Figure 3: Take rates across advertising supply chains Figure 4: Cost per 1,000 seconds of attention (£) Figure 5: SAP for Adults 16+, constant vs forecast demand, 2019-2027 Figure 6: SAP for 16-34s constant vs forecast demand 2019-2027 Figure 7: Recommended advertiser agency contractual relationship Figure 8: Unified Cross-Media Measurement (e.g. Origin) Figure 9: Can issue be resolved by possible deal structures with CRR intact Figure 10: Benefits of All Volume and All Share deals Figure 11: Issues with All Volume and All Share Deals Figure 12: Move towards volume deals based across all revenue Figure 13: Premium context buys, enhancing a fully rounded audience buy Figure 14: Summary of recommendations, actions and timing