UK Channel 4’s balancing act: 2018 annual report

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UK Channel 4’s balancing act: 2018 annual report

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UK Channel 4’s balancing act: 2018 annual report
Mindful of the uncertain future effects of ongoing events, most notably the stagnating TV ad market and the costs of establishing an HQ in Leeds, Channel 4 returned a £5 million pre-tax surplus in 2018, which after investment in Box left its cash reserves at £180 million
Increased digital revenue more than made up for the anticipated drop in spot advertising and sponsorship (with group viewing share and SOCI down) while cautiousness necessitated lower content spend (down 5% from the peak in 2016); a concern given rising content costs   
Nevertheless, Channel 4 is doing a good job delivering its remit in a tough environment, continuing to broadcast programming no-one else would and leveraging long-standing relationships to nurture television and film of a quality and ingenuity that belies the modest size of the organisation   


Channel 4 2018 results

  • Total revenues and operating surplus/deficit
  • Content spend
  • Channel 4 main and Channel 4 digital family viewing and share of commercial impact (SOCI) performance
  • Delivery of Channel 4’s public service remit

Channel 4: looking forward

List of charts/tables

Figure 1. Channel 4 key financials (£m)

Figure 2. Channel 4 cash and cash equivalents (£m)

Figure 3. Channel 4 content spend (£m)

Figure 4. Spend on content as a % of revenue

Figure 5. Channel 4 share of viewing, individuals 4+ (%)

Figure 6. Average annual minutes viewed to E4, individuals 4+

Figure 7. Channel 4 share of viewing, individuals 16-34s

Figure 8. SOCI adults 16-34 (index 2010=100)

Figure 9. Audience perceptions against reputational statements, 2018 (%)