UK online advertising during the lockdown

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UK online advertising during the lockdown

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UK online advertising during the lockdown
In response to COVID-19 and the associated lockdown and economic crash, advertisers have slashed budgets. Online budgets are not immune
This has clarified features of the online ad market: it is demand-driven, relies heavily on SMEs and startups, and is built on direct response campaigns
We expect online advertising to outperform other media, and for platforms to further gain share. But with a very few exceptions, this health and economic disaster is good for nobody


The growth of online advertising is built on SMEs

The online ad market is demand-driven

The overall online advertising trend is strongly negative

We are seeing different dynamics for different media, channels, categories and advertisers

List of charts/tables

Figure 1: Share of UK online ad spend going through big 5 media agencies, 2018

Figure 2: Twitter key metrics, estimated year-on-year growth in March 2020

Figure 3: Total monthly pageviews, US (m)

Figure 4: Scam ad on UK national newspaper site, and landing page

Figure 5: IAB survey ad spending forecasts, March-June 2020

Figure 6: Share of physical gross merchandise sales on Amazon (%)

Figure 7: Time spent on selected price comparison sites, UK 2020 (minutes, m)

Figure 8: Percentage of UK consumers purchasing products online by category (%)