UK TV broadcasters – Silver linings from COVID-19

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UK TV broadcasters – Silver linings from COVID-19

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UK TV broadcasters – Silver linings from COVID-19
Over the past few months we have outlined the evolving challenges that the pandemic has presented broadcasters—from plummeting ad revenues and production stoppages, to increasing SVOD viewing share
Now, however, is the time to shift thinking towards what can be taken forward from this time. There are strategies that were launched through necessity that will provide continued value beyond this period
The opportunity to reduce cost bases, leverage the greater reach of online services, forge better relationships with advertisers and better understand operational needs and limits presents the potential for more nimble, streetwise businesses


Despite challenges, TV has been resilient and nimble

Benefit 1: Lockdown has bolstered online reach and nascent product launches

Benefit 2: New viewing trends can be leveraged

Benefit 3: Business operations can be optimised, while working-from-home provides efficiencies

Benefit 4: Renegotiation of cost bases can provide ongoing savings

Benefit 5: There is an opportunity to form better relationships with advertisers and promote the safe TV environment

List of charts/tables

Figure 1: Daily minutes of viewing by week in year, 4+ (2019 dotted/2020 solid lines)

Figure 2: Average daily reach of PSB families, weeks 13-19 (m)

Figure 3: Impact of recording news-related entertainment formats remotely (000)

Figure 4: Viewing ofSaturday Night Takeaway episodes by location, series 16 (000)

Figure 5: Share of live primetime viewing watched with others by demo

Figure 6: Share of 16-34's primetime viewing by those watched with