Report Overview

UK’s Creative Industries: Boosting the regional economy


The UK’s non-financial economy

Regional biases: London and the South East dominate

Deep dive into the Creative Industries

The importance of the AV sector

PSB support for the regional economy

Independent production
The benefit of producing in the nations and regions

Producing in Scotland: Antiques Road Trip and The Victim

Producing in Wales: His Dark Materials, Prynhawn Da and Heno

Beyond the screen: why PSBs matter

What next?


Figures and Tables

Figure 1:GVA by DCMS sector (£bn)

Figure2: Number of enterprises by sector and size, 2018 (000s)

Figure 3: GVA by region and cluster, 2018 (£m)

Figure 4: Share of enterprises by DCMS sector and region, 2018 (%)

Figure 5: GVA by Creative Industries cluster (£bn)

Figure 7: Average Creative Industries employment share by region, 2011-2018 (%)

Figure 8: Number of independent TV production companies supplying the PSBs

Figure 9: Out of London primary commission value by commissioner, 2019 (%)

Figure 10: Indexed growth in the number of active regional production companies outside London (2008=1)

Figure 11: Spend on first-run UK originated programming by value and share, 2019

Figure 12: Channel/service rating for quality/importance (% of respondents)