Champions League senses end of growth cycle

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Champions League senses end of growth cycle

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Champions League senses end of growth cycle
With pay-TV competition faltering, UEFA is aiming to stimulate demand for 2021-24 TV rights with early auctions, a possible relaunch of FTA broadcasts, and even, unrealistically, by considering an online service of its own
In the recently completed UK auction, facing no major threat from Sky, BT kept the rights at an almost flat price – probably missing a cost saving opportunity
In the upcoming auctions on the Continent, with former buyers such as SFR, Mediaset and Vodafone having cut back on premium sports, the major platforms’ bids will probably be unchallenged


Auction’s mechanics

The UK: A missed opportunity for BT?

France: Will anybody bid against Canal+?

Germany and Austria: Can Sky accommodate FTA TV?

Italy: Sky alone

Spain: Telefónica needs no middleman

Impact on the industry

List of charts/tables

Figure 1: UEFA broadcast rights income (€bn)

Figure 2: UEFA broadcast rights revenue (€m)

Figure 3: Champions League live UK broadcast rights costs (£m/season)

Figure 4: Average live UK broadcast rights cost per match, by season (£m)

Figure 5: Sports channels subscribers in France (m)