Cybercrime – The Upside

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Cybercrime – The Upside

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Cybercrime – The Upside
Market disruption caused by cybercrime and continued technology growth has created a range of market opportunities for cybersecurity. 
Cybersecurity education, managed services, insurance and innovative cyber start-ups are all strong areas of growth in the Australian market.


Cyber Security Disruption is Driving Opportunities

Education and Training

  • Tertiary Education
  • Government Support
  • Private Sector Support
  • Massive Online Open Course (MOOCs)

Gamification - business education and training applications

Managed Security Services – the role for Telcos

The market for Managed Security Services

Cybersecurity Insurance

The market for cyber insurance



List of charts/tables

Figure 1. Resource and training requirements for Asian and Australian businesses

Figure 2. Common types of MOOC Providers offering cyber security learning courses

Figure 3. PhishMe Phishing generator toolset & PWC’s Game of Threats

Figure 4. Percentage of Organizations' Reliance on Outsourcing

Figure 5. Global cybersecurity services market

Figure 6. Cybersecurity insurance industry growth survey

Figure 7. Cybersecurity insurance coverage model

Figure 8. Examples of Cyber Security Innovators