Edge Computing – defining the market and business models

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Edge Computing – defining the market and business models

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Edge Computing – defining the market and business models

Edge computing is, fundamentally, the placement of processing and analysis capabilities near the edge of the network close to the sources of data to achieve these objectives. This deployment requires a fairly complex value chain of resources and capabilities. As a result, it is taking time for the structure of the edge computing market to emerge, and for the required partnerships and associated business models to develop. We expect this process will take years, as edge computing grows in scale and sophistication from its current rudimentary beginnings.


Key Takeaways

What is Edge Computing?

The computing cycle
Key drivers and benefits of edge computing
Edge computing is key to unlocking IoT
Edge computing and 5G

Value chain and markets for edge computing

The edge computing value chain
Telco position in the edge computing value chain

Four business models for telco edge computing

Edge computing in Australia

Telstra, Ericsson and Commonwealth Bank of Australia team up
Telstra has 500 points of edge compute in Australia
Vodafone proposes edge computing for public safet
ICP sells hardware for edge computing
Edge computing for space
Fastly and Scale expand in Australia


Evolution of computing infrastructure

Schematic of IoT edge devices and cloud computing

Use criteria for edge computing and cloud computing