Report Overview

Hey Siri – What is the potential of Digital Voice Assistants in Media?

Voice as an interface is fast emerging as a major interaction platform in the digital ecosystem. Rapid adoption has led to a growing appetite among businesses to build voice-focused experiences.
From a media perspective it is therefore important to understand how digital voice assistants will evolve, their potential use cases and the implications for businesses.
The impact of technology on how we consume content, including news and information cannot be understated. From a consumer perspective, the internet has enabled a shift from centralised legacy formats to more digestible formats. However, the internet itself is about to witness significant changes which will lead to shifts in user interfaces and integration across platforms, channels and devices/technologies. A view of the current trends and forecasts in behaviour and growth areas presents an opportunity to understand and prepare for likely future states. Audio, including voice activated and assisted technology and platforms is rapid emerging as a key user interface platform for the future.