Follow the Money – Australian VC in Tech

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Follow the Money – Australian VC in Tech

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Follow the Money – Australian VC in Tech
Venture Capital funding continues to offer potential for growth in Australia, despite reaching new peaks in aggregate capital in 2018.
Overseas funds continue to maintain their contribution levels to total funding, while local institutions have also joined the fray.
Australia has a thriving startup ecosystem which is driving growth across all parameters such as funds raised, funds deployed, revenue metrices and exits.


Key Takeaways

Introduction to ANZ Venture Capital ecosystem

Australian VC: Rapid recent growth with room to continue

  • Growth in total value and number of funds raised
  • Potential for a slowdown in fundraising
  • Overseas investors remain a key source of capital in a growing VC market, but have not increased their overall share of VC funding
  • Institutional investors begin to engage with local VC
  • Growth in funds raised by startups
  • Diversification of capital along the startup journey
  • Absolute growth and relative decline for the overall ecosystem
  • The Australian outlook is strong, but the next five years will prove decisive for key drivers of ecosystem growth like institutional investor participation
  • The outlook for the New Zealand market is more uncertain

Leading local VC firms

Key trends

  • Post-dotcom bust revival intensifies
  • The virtuous cycle begins
  • Mid-fund returns look promising, but realised returns will be decisive for the industry’s future


  • Blackbird Ventures
  • Airtree Ventures
  • Reinventure
  • Square Peg Capital
  • Skip Capital
  • Grok Ventures
  • Equity Venture Partners
  • BlueChilli
  • Bailador
  • SouthernCross
  • MacDoch Ventures
  • K1W1

Recent investment activity

Appendix A: Venture Insights map of Australian startup ecosystem

Appendix B: Largest recent raises by industry

  • Software
  • Commercial Banks
  • Commercial Services
  • Healthcare Devices & Supplies
  • Energy Services

Appendix C: Top 20 recent raises

Appendix D: Highest raising local startups

  • Judo Capital (now known as Judo Bank)
  • Airwallex
  • Deputy
  • CultureAmp
  • SafetyCulture
  • Canva

Appendix E: Detailed statistics on most active VC firms

List of charts/tables

Figure 1. Annual Australia-based VC fundraising, 2007-2018

Figure 2. Australia-based PE & VC assets under management by fund type, as at June 2018 Figure 3. Funds committed to VC in Australia, 2013-17 to 2017-18, by % offshore and onshore sources Figure 4. Funds committed to late stage PE in Australia, 2013-17 to 2017-18, by % offshore and onshore sources Figure 5. Largest investors in Australian VC ecosystem, by total AUM (AUD, ), as of April 2019 Figure 6. Venture capital deals in Australia, 2009-2018 Figure 7. Investment in Australian VC, by stage, 2009-2018 Figure 8. Annual Australia-based VC investment, by industry, 2013-2018 Figure 9. Startup Genome Ecosystem rankings, 2019 Figure 10. Cumulative VC investment in New Zealand, 2006-2018 Figure 11. Investments by stage in New Zealand, 2008 versus 2018 Figure 12. Investments by sector in New Zealand VC, 2008 versus 2018 Figure 13. Investments by geography in New Zealand VC, 2008 versus 2018 Figure 14. Funds under management by Australian VC firms, AUD millions Figure 15. Most active investors over last year, by # deals (April 2018 - March 2019) Figure 16. Top 20 raises of 2018 Figure 17. Value of funds raised by Australian startups, by stage/source, 2018 onwards Figure 18. Total # VC financing deals, by industry, 2018 onwards Figure 19. VC deals in Australia by industry, 2013-2018 Figure 20. Average deal size (AUD, m), by industry, 2018 Figure 21. Deal value (AUD, m), by industry & stage, 2018 onwards Figure 22. Number of deals, by industry & stage, 2018 onwards Figure 23. Ecosystem Map of Australian startups Figure 24. Top 10 raises in software, 2018 to present Figure 25. Top 10 raises in Commercial Banks 2018 to present Figure 26. Top 10 raises in Commercial Services, 2018 to present Figure 27. Top 10 raises by in Healthcare Devices & Supplies, 2018 to present Figure 28. Top 10 raises in Energy Services, 2018 to present Figure 29. Company profiles: top 20 raises of 2018-2019 Figure 30. Overview of most active investors, by number of deals in last 12 months Figure 31. 2018 Australian startup ecosystem map (1 of 2) Figure 32. 2018 Australian startup ecosystem map (2 of 2)