About Venture Insights

Venture Insights delivers high-quality, independent and locally relevant research and consulting services across the digital, media and telco sectors in Australia and New Zealand. Venture Insights has a deep library of research available on subscription or on demand. We focus on the Australian and New Zealand markets, leveraging local knowledge and proprietary forecasting to provide insights that global research firms don’t provide.

Why Venture Insights?

C-Level Insights

C-level insight and analysis focused on global trends and their impact on local markets

Structured Approach

Using long, medium, and short term perspectives to fully shed light on industry trends and future scenarios

Regular Reports

Relevant insight reports delivered to you on a regular, published calendar

Local Focus

Analysis focused on local and global trends and their impact on local markets

DAVID KENNEDY Managing Director

Our Managing Director

Having worked in the Telecommunications, Media, and Technology sector for more than 20 years, David Kennedy has extensive consulting and industry experience. As a ministerial advisor, research analyst, strategist for the public sector, and commercial consultant, he has worked with clients at various senior levels. As a market expert, he is well versed in policy and regulation, market analysis, telecommunications and media technology, and forecasting.

His experience includes work for telecommunications operators, regulators, investors, and vendors across Asia Pacific and Australia/New Zealand as both a researcher and consultant.

As a leader and advisor in the local & international communications industry, he has been involved in many corporate, strategic, and business projects, applying research, foresight analysis, quantitative modelling, and market intelligence to the formulation of policy and strategy. He has a particular interest in the impact of technology on society, identifying the elements of successful responses through policies and strategies, as well as the associated policy, social, and enterprise challenges that clients face today. A thought leader and eminent personality in the technology domain, David has been involved in projects involving productivity economics, telecommunications technology roadmaps, structural change in the telecommunications industry, and regulation of digital platforms on local and international markets. Prior to joining Venture Insights, he held several senior executive positions at Ovum (Omdia) and Knowledge Society. Besides holding a Bachelor of Science in Physics (First Class Honours), David has a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Philosophy) from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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Our Research Mix

Market Forecasts

Five year forecasts of key telco and media revenue streams, updated yearly or half-yearly.


Deep dive reports into topical issues in the ANZ telco and media markets.

Industry Specifics

Industry briefs on local telco and media markets, reporting key events and their implications for industry players.

Survey Reports

Detailed surveys of telco consumers and enterprise buyers providing insights into future market directions.