Forecast Calendar

Venture Insights delivers long-term, medium-term and short-term perspectives through a structured program. Our forecasts have a five-year outlook, and are produced on the calendar below.

We publish, annual sector outlooks for media and telco, outlining our qualitative view of the main technological, commercial and regulatory trends.

We publish, sector-specific quantitative forecasts on either a six-monthly or annual basis.

Telco & Enterprise ICT


Jan – Mar

  • AU Advertising Market Forecast AU
  • Video Entertainment Forecast

Apr – Jun

  • AU Enterprise NAS Forecast
  • NZ Enterprise NAS Forecast
  • AU Telco Market Forecast
  • Australian Data Centre Forecast
  • AU Audio market forecast

Jul – Sept

  • 5-year Outlook: Telco sector in ANZ
  • NZ Telco Market Forecast
  • ANZ Wholesale Services Forecast
  • NZ B2B Mobile Services Forecast
  • 5-year Outlook: Media sector in Australia and NZ
  • AU Advertising Market Forecast

Oct – Dec

  • AU B2B Fixed Services Forecast
  • NZ B2B Fixed Services Forecast
  • AU Telco Market Forecast