Macro-economic trends, valuations and industry outlook presented through interactive dashboards

Venture Insights’ delivers high-quality, independent and locally relevant interactive dashboards covering macroeconomics and a broad range of telecommunication, media and technology sectors in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Real-time access to key macroeconomic and industry data deliver superior decision making to or clients, including Board members, C-Suite, Private Equity, Venture Capitalists, institutional fund managers and High Net Worth (HNW) investors Dashboards provide a deeper understanding of tech-related disruption across a range of core sectors impacting our economy.

Dashboard Commentary

Trends and Outlook

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Macro Economic Trends

GDP, Interest Rates, Exchange Rates, etc
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Market Valuation

GDP, Interest Rates, Exchange Rates, etc
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Sector outlook and trends

Peer group valuation multiples and key metrics
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TAM analysis

Total Addressable Market (TAM) analysis for key sectors

Bespoke dashboards for you

Bespoke outlook dashboards helps our clients capture unique insights into the key trends that are impacting their businesses or investments

Venture Insights regularly builds industry forecast models across a broad range of industry sectors and sub-sectors that are impacted by technology and disruption. With expertise in the TMT sector and years of experience, we are able to construct forecasts that yield that allow both companies and investors to understand the total size of markets, concentration of competition and growth rates. This is often referred to as TAM or Total Addressable Market Analysis. Understanding the size and growth of addressable markets create value for businesses, investors and professionals alike:
  • Businesses build greater understanding of the macroeconomic indicators, market opportunity sizing (TAM), which helps them shape their strategies and competitor response
  • Investors build a deeper knowledge of key industry trends impacting their investee companies allowing them to invest in companies that can address large growing markets
  • Professional advisers can leverage proprietary forecasts into specific industries and sectors to win clients
  • Business and financial research analysts create their own research and analysis around bespoke insights from proprietary survey results
Venture Insights’ has extensive sector knowledge and delivers high-quality, independent and locally relevant research and consulting services across the digital, media and telco sectors in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

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