Australian Advertising Market Outlook 2019

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Australian Advertising Market Outlook 2019

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Australian Advertising Market Outlook 2019
Venture Insights expects total advertising spend to grow at a 3.2% CAGR to $18.7bn in 2023.
Digital, while being the largest growth driver for AdEx in Australia, will see its growth moderate in the coming years.
Programmatic and addressable TV solutions, along with BVOD, will help traditional broadcasters offset part of the structural decline in television advertising.


Executive Summary

Advertising market forecast (2018–2023)


Digital – by platform and format

Digital video

Mobile consumption and OTT video

Broadcast television






List of charts/tables

Figure 1. Advertising revenue by segment (A$b)

Figure 2. Advertising revenue by segment (A$m)

Figure 3. Change in Advertising Expenditure by Sub-Segment (2009 – 2018)

Figure 4. Digital advertising: by sub-segment (A$m)

Figure 5. Google and Facebook increasing their share of Australian online advertising expenditure (A$m)

Figure 6. Onshore vs Offshore – Total AdEx share (A$m)

Figure 7. Digital advertising, split by platform (A$b)

Figure 8. Display advertising, split by format (A$b)

Figure 9. Mobile as a % of total digital advertising

Figure 10. Video as a % of Display advertising

Figure 11. Video advertising revenue: by media (A$m)

Figure 12. Frequency of video consumption on mobile (August 2018) Figure 13. Mobile video streaming services by popularity (August 2018) Figure 14. TV advertising: by sub-segment (A$b) Figure 15. Time spent viewing FTA, BVOD and Pay-TV (mins/day) Figure 16. Print advertising by sub-segment (A$m) Figure 17. Radio Advertising expenditure (A$m) Figure 18. Percentage of time spent listening by format (2016-18) Figure 19. Outdoor advertising (A$mn) Figure 20. DOOH as a % of OOH in Australia Figure 21. Changing cinema distribution model Figure 22. Cinema admissions per Capita - Australia Figure 23. Overview of Methodology Figure 24. Definitions and Sources