Report Overview

Australian Advertising Market Outlook – March 2022


Executive Summary

Advertising market forecast (2020–2025)

Digital advertising

Digital – by platform and format

Digital video

Mobile consumption and OTT video

Broadcast television






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Tables and Figures

Fig. 1: Advertising expenditure (historical and forecast) by segment (A$m)

Fig. 2: Advertising revenue by segment (A$m)

Fig 3: Change in Advertising Expenditure by Sub-Segment

Fig 4: Digital advertising: by sub-segment (A$m)

Fig 5: Digital advertising, split by platform (A$b)

Fig 6: Digital advertising, split by format (A$b)

Fig 7: Mobile as a % of total digital advertising

Fig 8: Video as a % of Display advertising

Fig. 9: Video advertising revenue: by media (A$m)

Fig 10: Frequency of video consumption on mobile (March 2021)

Fig 11: Top 3 mobile video streaming services by popularity (March 2021)

Fig. 12: Average viewing time for FTA, BVOD and Pay-TV (mins/day per capita)

Fig 13: TV advertising by sub-segment (A$m)

Fig 14: Print advertising by sub-segment (A$m)

Fig 15: Radio advertising expenditure (A$m)

Fig 16: Time spent listening to audio online (minutes per week per listener)

Fig 17: Outdoor advertising (A$m)

Fig 18: DOOH as a % of OOH in Australia

Fig 19: Changing cinema distribution model

Fig 20: Cinema AdEx revenues (A$m)