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AVOD Market Report: A market assessment of a thriving industry


Executive Summary

AVOD Market | Growth Drivers

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Implications for the Australian AVOD Market (1)

Implications for the Australian AVOD Market (2)



AVOD Ecosystem, Global, 2020

CTV Penetration Rates, % of total US Households, 2010-2020

Top 5 Countries by AVOD Expenditure, (US$b), 2019A-2025F

Proportion of Viewing Hours by Connected TV Device, US Households, 2018

Connected TV Streaming Device Market Share by Brand, Global, Q1 2020

Recent Activity from Ad Platforms, Global, 2019-Present

Distribution of VOD/Linear to CTV Diagram, 2020

Wurl’s Product Line

AVOD Acquisition Timeline, US, 2019-2020

AVOD Customer Profile, US, 2019-2020

OEM Market Position Map, Global, 2020

Rationale for OEM AVOD Platforms

Australian CTV penetration, %,  AU, 2020

Expected CTV Ad Spend Growth, by Region, 2020-2021 (forecast)

AU VOD Market Landscape, Expected Market Activity