Cloud Computing – Are We All In?

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Cloud Computing – Are We All In?

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Cloud Computing – Are We All In?
Cloud computing has become mainstream as digital disruption forces Australian organisations to move increasing workloads to the Cloud
Australian businesses continue their push into the Cloud to drive efficiencies and innovation to gain a leading edge
Cloud services such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS point to a future where IT will live in the Cloud

Key takeaways

Australian businesses want to move beyond the traditional IT infrastructure paradigm to a flexible on-demand model.
Adoption of IaaS is driven by a desire to minimise in-house IT infrastructure and save on the operational costs.
PaaS allows for rapid development of custom solutions which offers significant savings on costs and resources.
The flexibility and simple deployment for cloud solutions revolutionises time to market of many products and services.
Australian organisations are beginning to find greater value in the hybrid cloud approach.