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Consumer magazines: No single playbook


Executive summary: accelerating into the digital services age

What is a magazine in 2021?



Digital audience


Figures and Tables

Illustrative revenue mix by format for consumer magazine publishers

Illustration of print value for certain magazines

Future plc revenue mix

Piano’s CRM service

Total annual circulation (m)

UK Consumer spend on print magazines (£m)

Five year KPIs for UK circulation by category

Share of newsstand and subscription paid circulation 2020 (%)

Top retailers’ % share of magazine retail sales value (RSV)

Share of display advertising, by medium

Relative time spent on websites, June 2021 (total minutes)

Weekly reach by media channel, 2021 lockdown vs. 2019

Consumer magazine display advertising (£m)

Business magazine display advertising (£m)

Advertising waterfall

Hearst A/B testing website registrations

The Economist UK digital subscribers

BBC Good Food revenue mix

UK yearly digital edition circulation (m)

Average weekly value of retailing by channel (£m)

Changes in UK mobility, averaged by month

Future plc tech stack

Homes & Gardens online users (000) and digital revenue trend

Benefits and drawbacks of event models

Top consumer magazine publishers: cover price, growth in UK paid circulation and UK consumer spend (bubble size), 2020

Top consumer magazine publishers: key operating metrics for 2020

Top consumer magazine publishers: key operating metrics for 2020 Continued