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Consumer media survey: video market stabilises



Executive Summary

Video service usage and intentions

Video service devices

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Tables and Figures

Figure 1. Thinking about ALL your televisual service viewing through any device for the past week/month, how much do did you personally watch on a typical day for the following services?

Figure 2. Which of these Pay TV services are used in your household?

Figure 3. SVOD services used in households

Figure 4. AVOD services used in households

Figure 5. Number of screen devices used to watch video services in respondent household

Figure 6. Thinking about both traditional and online free-to-air viewing, roughly how much of your total household free-to-air TV viewing do you currently watch online?

Figure 7. What is the highest definition television set in your household?

Figure 8. Do you have any plans to buy a (or buy another) 4K or better definition TV?

Figure 9. Which screen devices are used in your household to watch the following video services?