Do EVs change everything, and by when?

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Do EVs change everything, and by when?

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Do EVs change everything, and by when?
Venture Insights hosted a webinar with leading city planning experts Nic Frances Gilley (Councillor, Chair of the Transport Portfolio, City of Melbourne), Deb Cailes (Acting Director, City Strategy and Place, City of Melbourne) and electric vehicle expert Johan Karlsson (Head of New Technology, DC Power Co) to discuss the future of electric vehicles in Australia. The topic for discussion was “Do electric vehicles (EVs) change everything, and by when?”.
Certainly, the view from the guest speakers and Venture Insights is that there will be an aggressive adoption of Electric Vehicles in Australia. In a world focusing on climate change and emission reduction, renewables will be the main source of energy in the future.


Key Takeaways


EV Outlook Report - Nigel Pugh

Impact on transport planning - Nic Frances Gilley MBE and Deb Cailes

EVs from the consumer perspective - Johan Karlsson


List of charts/tables

Figure 1. EV (as a % of total vehicle)

Figure 2. Total passenger vehicles

Figure 3. EVs as a backup battery for the house

Figure 4. Space per person (square metre) for different modes of transport

Figure 5. Current and potential (with e-bikes) cycling modes share to work in central Melbourne

Figure 6. Approximate range of electric vehicles available in the Australian Market in 2019

Figure 7. EV Charging stations in Australia