Report Overview

MarTech and AdTech – it’s going to be a Mad(Tech) world…

MarTech and AdTech have developed in relative isolation in the past. However, rapidly changing market dynamics mean existing solutions are no longer meeting marketers’ needs or consumer expectations.
As a result, the MarTech and AdTech sectors are converging to deliver a more seamless and personalised customer experience.
Over the last two decades, marketing and advertising technologies developed in relative isolation to each other. Marketing technologies facilitated the “big picture” management of a one to one relationship between companies and their customers, while advertising technologies developed to optimise the specific delivery of ads by third parties. However, in the last few years, technology is rapidly reshaping the marketing and advertising landscapes with the fault lines between the two fast disappearing. Technology has also enabled the proliferation of new digital channels and multiple touchpoints for customers which has resulted in the need to deliver a more personalised customer experience. This focus on a seamless and personalised customer experience is driving the convergence of marketing technologies (MarTech) and advertising technologies (AdTech) technologies as marketers and brands seek to gain a single “source of truth” through an integrated tech solution.