Programmatic OOH: Coming soon to a billboard near you?

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Programmatic OOH: Coming soon to a billboard near you?

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Programmatic OOH: Coming soon to a billboard near you?
Programmatic advertising in OOH is still a new concept in Australia and the groundwork in terms of digitisation and audience measurement is still being laid.
While, many OOH players have introduced their version of programmatic advertising, the risk of having a fragmented market with multiple proprietary systems means that programmatic OOH may fail to take off.
Outdoor, or out-of-home, advertising is distinct from other forms of advertising. It is highly visible, often very large, and placed in heavily trafficked areas in order to attract as many viewers as possible. Moreover, unlike television, radio, print, internet, and mail advertising, outdoor advertising cannot be turned off, put away or easily avoided.
Traditionally OOH was mostly a real estate or location play but with digitisation, it’s now becoming increasingly focused on audience targeting and improving engagement.
Industry players are looking to bring additional functionality, formatting and effectiveness to advertisers beyond just digitising existing sites, along with investing in improving measurement technology to help build further advertiser confidence in out-of-home.
In particular, programmatic advertising which has transformed the online advertising space could play an important role in the growth of the OOH market going forward.
In this report, we explore what programmatic advertising is and the impact it could have on the OOH market. We also look at the key challenges that OOH players face and the risk of Google, a global leader in programmatic advertising, making an entry into the OOH market.


Key takeaways


OOH Market in Australia

  • Convergence of out-of-home with other media

Programmatic Advertising 101

Programmatic and OOH

  • What’s holding it back?

Competitive landscape - Who’s doing what?

Google’s entry into programmatic OOH


List of charts/tables

Figure 1. OOH market in Australia (A$mn)

Figure 2. Tu Clothing ad campaign

Figure 3. Out-of-Home RoI (%)

Figure 4. Programmatic advertising in Australia (A$mn)

Figure 5. Programmatic OOH flowchart (Illustrative

Figure 6. Google ad delivered programmatically on a billboard in London