Report Overview

Programmatic will drive future OOH growth, but Google competition looms


Key Takeaways


OOH Market in Australia

COVID-19 impact

Return of Investment (RoI)

Digital OOH

Cost reduction measures making headway

Digital growth

Other businesses

What is Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic and OOH

What’s holding the programmatic OOH back?

Google’s entry into programmatic OOH

Conclusion and next steps


Figure 1. OOH market in Australia (A$m) – updated

Figure 2. OOH RoI in Australia versus other countries

Figure 3. Interactive billboards

Figure 4. Programmatic advertising in Australia (A$m)

Figure 5. Programmatic OOH flowchart (Illustrative)

Figure 6. Google ad delivered programmatically on a billboard in London