Report Overview

Surging online retail in the UK- Record growth during lockdown

The reopening of the high street from 15 June came as welcome news for businesses which had seen sales decimated since lockdown was enforced on 28 March. However, even as restrictions eased, shoppers stayed away, with high street footfall across the UK down by 48% in July year-on-year.


Why online retail has succeeded over lockdown

Ecommerce boom arrives sooner than expected

Online growth is here to stay—retailers need to adjust

Online advertising benefits from the ecommerce boom

Amazon: Primed and ready for global ecommerce growth

List of charts/tables

Figure 1: Forecast average annual online retail sales (£ millions)

Figure 2: Monthly UK COVID 19 cases and indexed retail sales (January 2020 = 1)

Figure 3: Reported changes in savings due to COVID 19 by household income level

Figure 4: Monthly value of retail sales by channel (£ millions)

Figure 5: Quarterly share of online retail sales from all retail sales, by vertical (%)

Figure 6: Omnichannel retail models

Figure 7: Advertising revenue growth H1 2019 to H1 2020, (%)

Figure 8: Indexed online retail sales, GDP and online advertising spend (2008 = 1)

Figure 9: Share of total advertising by media

Figure 10: Amazon worldwide net sales ($bn) and year on year growth (%)