Report Overview

The pre-order market has taken off, is consolidation next?

Australia’s pre-order market, serviced by players like UberEats, Deliveroo and MenuLog, has grown quickly and is highly competitive. We anticipate the market will experience strong, ongoing growth, market concentration via consolidation as well as horizontal integration. Over the next three years we anticipate that the key players will seek to expand both organically and via acquisition, which will increase the scale and scope of the remaining players. This is likely to be a global phenomenon, though it’s recognised that Australia is an attractive market given its early adoption status.


Key takeaways


From ‘over-the-counter’ to mobile app-based ordering, for pickup or delivery – Australia’s market is quick to adopt

The pre-order food market is large (c. $3.4b) and will grow fast given penetration is only around 7% at present

Cashless payments and the walletless economy

In the medium term there is the potential for major technology players to launch ‘super apps’ capable of servicing all verticals of consumer spending

Key challenges will relate to waste and ‘gig economy’ workers getting a fair deal

Conclusion: lots of growth and more consolidation

List of charts/tables

Figure 1. Australian online food ordering market landscape

Figure 2. Approximate Australian pre-order food and beverage market size (A$b)

Figure 3. Percentage of Cash Payments in Australia by number of transactions (projections from 2019)

Figure 4. Emergence and consolidation in the Australian online food delivery market